Natan’s Priorities

Driving Change in Our Community

Financial Literacy for All

Natan McKenzie believes that a solid financial education is crucial for building a stable and prosperous community.

He has seen the financial struggles that many households face in District 12, and understands the importance of financial literacy. He believes that lack of exposure to basic financial concepts at an early age can lead to financial insecurity and a stressful life. To combat this, Natan believes that providing access to financial education and capital is crucial for empowering individuals to become productive members of society. He believes that state-run educational programs for financial literacy, including lessons on savings and investing, tax education, and credit/financing, are necessary for achieving this goal. By equipping the community with financial knowledge, Natan aims to create a more stable tax base and build a prosperous society, and he is committed to prioritizing financial education for a brighter future for District 12.

Properly Funding Education

Natan believes in providing the youth with the necessary tools to compete globally, regardless of their academic pursuits.

Even with a budget surplus, Virginia schools have been underfunded for over a decade. Natan will show students and teachers he is serious about education by fully funding our public schools.

Protecting Abortion Access

Natan believes that we must hold our ground and protect women’s rights, voices, and citizens of the commonwealth.

Natan believes that private healthcare decisions should be made by a patient and their provider. Lawmakers should not insert themselves into our personal healthcare choices.

Preventing Gun Violence

Natan firmly believes that remaining silent in the face of gun violence and any form of violence perpetuates the problem, and it is important that we break our silence.

Having personally been affected by gun violence, Natan knows we must address the social and economic conditions that lead to it. Natan will advocate for sensible gun laws to keep our communities safe.

Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare is a human right. A life-threatening diagnosis should not bankrupt us. As we see medical costs continuing to rise, Natan will work hard to keep healthcare both accessible and affordable.

Protecting Our Environment

Natan recognizes the critical importance of addressing Environmental Justice in his community.

Our environment should not be sacrificed for corporate gain. This has a deep impact on the livelihood of so many families. Natan will work hard to ensure Environmental Justice for all of our communities.